R-COM Mini Digital Egg Incubator Review

The R-com Mini Egg Incubator is the smallest incubator you can buy. Aside from being the smallest incubator, it also has the best view of the eggs inside the incubator. With that, it is supposed to be a perfect incubator for backyard chicken farmers with children who want to hatch just one or two eggs every so often. Let’s see how good it really is!

If you’re looking for a comparison of the best egg incubators¬†including this one, we got you covered as well.

R-com mini egg incubator

R-com Mini egg incubator capacity

The R-com Mini can hold 3 eggs at once. There are pre-made holes to fit the eyes into, which makes it difficult to fit in different types of eggs. Although it is possible to put in anything from quail eggs to turkey eggs, the auto-turning mechanism may not work as well with them. I wouldn’t advise putting anything way bigger or smaller than chicken eggs in this incubator.

During the lockdown phase the incubator is big enough to hold three chicks in a comfy position. Unlike most other incubators, the chicks will be able to move around a little bit.

R-com Mini egg incubator temperature

The R-com Mini has four pre-set temperature settings for chicken eggs, duck eggs, pheasant eggs, and quail eggs. The temperature is just right, so there is no reason to mess around with it. If you do want to mess around with the temperature, there is a fifth setting called “Mystery bird” which may allow you to set a temperature yourself. I haven’t managed to find out how to do that though.

The R-com Mini holds the temperature stable, and the temperature displayed is accurate. However, there is no regular automatic cooling feature. If you do want to use cooling during the incubation you will have to do it yourself.

R-com Mini egg incubator humidity

Sadly enough there is no included humidity sensor. You’ll either have to buy your own and measure regularly, or stick to egg candling and adjusting the humidity based on that. Refilling the water reservoir is easy and can be done every few days. The lack of control over the exact humidity is still annoying. Especially if you live in either a very humid or very dry area.

R-com Mini egg incubator automation

As mentioned before the R-com Mini has four built in settings, and one that can be programmed. The settings take care of the turning (once an hour), the temperature, and the incubation period. The turning stops automatically two days before hatching which works just fine. The R-com Mini bleeps before turning, which happens every hour. The bleep can get very annoying and cannot be turned off.

R-com mini egg incubator menu overview

R-com Mini egg incubator power consumption

The R-com Mini uses a standard US plug and power supply. The egg incubator uses up to 10 watt, which is the lowest I’ve seen for an incubator. However, the capacity is also less than half of other mini incubators. Still, if you only need to hatch 2-3 eggs at a time, the R-com is the most energy efficient mini egg incubator there is.

R-com Mini egg incubator design

The R-com Mini egg incubator is made of plastic, and despite feeling pretty sturdy it actually breaks quite easily. Even just rough handling by the postal services can cause parts to break off. However, when there is any damage it will usually just be one small part, and the egg incubator will work fine nonetheless.

Lastly the R-com Mini has an absolutely great view of the eggs. You can see the eggs clearly, each in their own spot, and watch them from all sides. With that the R-com is perfect for letting small children enjoy the hatching process.

Key spec overview

  • Capacity: 3 chicken eggs.
  • Size: 10 x 8 x 6 inch
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Humidity control: difficult, no humidity sensor included
  • Temperature control: excellent, preprogrammed settings work fine
  • Power consumption: 6 watt average, 10 watt peak
  • Material: plastic that breaks easily

R-com mini egg incubator with chickens inside


Overall the R-com Mini egg incubator is a bit of a disappointment. Compared to the Magicfly Digital Mini (Amazon link, or check my Magicfly Digital Mini Egg Incubator review) the R-com Mini costs a lot more, but delivers less. The view and power consumption are better, but the Magicfly Digital Mini doesn’t break as easily, hold more than twice the capacity, and is overall better quality.

Compared to the Brinsea Mini Advance (Amazon link) the R-com is even worse. The Brinsea Mini Advance not only outperforms the R-com on pretty much every aspect, but also includes a lot more features. I highly recommend considering the Mini Advance, you should check my Brinsea Mini Advance Egg Incubator review.

Lastly, if you are certain you want to only incubate a maximum of 3 eggs at a time, and want the R-com specifically for its great view,¬† and you don’t want to pay a little bit extra for the Brinsea, then I can recommend you the R-com Mini egg incubator (Amazon link).

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