Premier Chick Brooder Heating Plate Review

The Premier Chick Brooder is one of the highest rated brooders on Amazon. Premier is relatively unknown when it comes to brooders, but managed to surprise me with the quality of this product. So let’s see how good it is!

Premier Chick Brooder

Premier Chick Brooder usage

Brooders are used during the first 4-5 weeks after the chicks have hatched. They are needed to prevent extra heat while the little chicks can’t generate enough body heat themselves yet. It is possible to use a brooder hen, or a heat lamp as well. Both of those options have their downsides. Especially if you have more than a few chicks you will quickly need a lot of hens. Besides that, not all hens are that good at brooding chicks.

A heat lamp can also be used, which tend to be a bit cheaper. However, heat lamps use a lot of energy. One heat lamp uses $10-15 more than a brooder plate per month. Furthermore, heat lamps can explode and pose burn risks. Lastly it isn’t exactly natural to put your chicks under 24/7 light. The chicks themselves may want some darkness during the night as well.

Compared heat lamps, brooder plates are a bit more expensive at first, but a safer and better option. Without the risk of exploding light bulbs or your place burning down they can be a great investment.

Premier Chick Brooder capacity

The Premier Chick Brooder is made for up to 20 chicks. As you may remember from my Brinsea EcoGlow 20 chick brooder review is this the same as the EcoGlow 20. However, the Premier Chick Brooder has a 1.5 times as large area available for the heating, and it slightly hotter out of the box as well. Due to this, it may be possible to use one Premier Chick Brooder for up to 25-30 chicks.

Premier Chick Brooder with chicks

Premier Chick Brooder temperature

The Premier Chick Brooder is quite a bit hotter than the comparable EcoGlow 20. If you put your hand directly on the heating area, it will get too hot to keep holding it for more than half a minute. It doesn’t seem to bother or hurt the chicks in any way though. If you prefer to play it safe, you can use a lamp dimmer to lower the temperature of the Premier Chick Brooder a bit.

You can use the Premier Chick Brooder both inside and outside of your house. There are no strict room temperature requirements for its usage, which is perfect if you plan to use the brooder outdoors or in a chicken coop.

Premier Chick Brooder power consumption

The Premier Chick Brooder uses about 22 watt on average. Compared to a heat lamp of 250 watt it will save you about 10-15$ per month. The power supply itself is 110v and will work correctly with all US plugs. For some reason it says both on the box and in the manual that the chick brooder uses 220v. This is wrong, the Premier Chick Brooder on Amazon really uses 110v.

Premier Chick Brooder design

The Premier Chick Brooder is made of a durable and sturdy material. The height setting can be more gradually adjusted. Unlike the EcoGlow 20, this chick brooder is fully adjustable between 1.5 inch and 6 inch. This allows you to raise the heating area a little bit ever week, so the chickens can stay under comfortably.

A separate optional plastic cover is available (Amazon link) which can be placed on top of the Premier Chick Brooder to prevent chicks from climbing on top. And then leaving their manure all over it. Why they didn’t just include it always is a bit of a puzzle to me. It saves you quite some cleaning efforts and is well worth it in my opinion.

Premier Chick Brooder with cover

Key spec overview

  • Capacity: 20 chicks
  • Size: 12 x 12 x 9 inch
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Temperature control: excellent, fully stable, no burn risk
  • Power consumption: 22watt average
  • Extra’s: Optional plastic cover against manure


Overall the Premier Chick Brooder (Amazon link) is a very solid product. Considering the fully adjustable height, optional cover, and bigger heating area I think the Premier Chick Brooder is the best chick brooder available currently. Compared to the EcoGlow 20 (Amazon link) the Premier Chick Brooder has no drawbacks yet a nice few benefits.

I’m not a fan of Heat lamps at all, but if you for some reason want to brood a few chicks only once, and are on a tight budget, you could try out a Philips Heat Lamp (Amazon link). Be aware they sometimes explode, luckily not that often, but try to not be near it when it is turned on.

If you are going to brood chicks more than once, I strongly suggest checking out the Premier Chick Brooder (Amazon link).

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