Magicfly Egg Candler Review

The Magicfly Egg Candler isĀ one of the most popular egg candlers on Amazon right now. Egg candlers can be used to check the insides of an egg, showing in which phase of the development cycle the embryo currently is. Regular checking not only allows you to see the growth of the embryo, but can also allow you to adjust the humidity of the incubator if necessary.
The Magicfly Egg Candler
It is possibly to use a wide variety of light sources, including candles (it’s where the name comes from). The downside to using candles and most other light sources is the heat that they give off. Putting a fertile egg next to a candle or hot light source can damage the embryo and cause complications later on. Egg Candlers are lamps specifically designed for candling eggs, which means that it should give a high amount of light, and a low amount of heat.

The Magicfly Egg Candler is one of most popular egg candlers right now, so let’s see how well it does its job.

Magicfly Egg Candler brightness

The Magicfly Egg Candler outputs 220 to 240 Lumens using LEDs, which is enough to properly light standard hen eggs. Larger and some of the more dark eggs may be more difficult to properly see, as for example quail and welsummer eggs. The Magicfly Egg Candler does come with two different tops, one for chicken eggs and one for quail eggs. The tops fit very well and prevent any light from leaking through the sides of the egg, which improves the visibility of the embryo. Furthermore, the brightness is sufficient for eggs up to turkey eggs, as long as they are light colored.

Magicfly Egg Candler temperature

The temperature is most important, as we don’t want to accidentally harm our eggs. Luckily the Magicfly Egg Candler barely heats up at all, and is completely safe to use in short bursts (less than ten seconds).

Magicfly Egg Candler power supply

The Egg Candler uses a 110V AC power supply, and comes with a 4 feet power cord. Unfortunately there is no option to use batteries, so using the Egg Candler inside an outdoors coop will only work if you have an electric outlet within 4 feet. Even when at home, the 4 feet cord does limit you to staying very close to the electric outlet. It would be a good idea to see whether there is an outlet where you want to use the egg candler, because otherwise you may need to mess with extension cords every single time.

Magicfly Egg Candler design

The Egg candler is roughly 6 x 1.4 x 1.4 inch, and weighs about 7 oz. The two rubbers that can be placed on top feel a bit cheap, but fit very well. The power switch is places a bit awkwardly near the button, but otherwise the device feels good in the hand. There are three indentations on the backside meant for fingers, which are slightly too widely spaced out for most. Still, the egg handler is easy to handle without using the indentations at all. There are some complaints in the Amazon reviews about the egg candler’s light not lasting very long, but those seem to be a minority.
The Magicfly Egg Candler holding grip

Key spec overview

  • Brightness: 220-240 Lumens
  • Light source: LED
  • Size: 6 x 1.4 x 1.4 inch
  • Weight: 7 oz
  • Power source: 110V AC power supply
  • Temperature: excellent, doesn’t noticeably heat up at all
  • Material: unmentioned plastic, feels sturdy


The Magicfly Egg Candler provides a good source of light without any noticeable heat production. The device feels good in the hand, and the rubber tops allow you to watch both chicken eggs and smaller eggs like quail eggs. The Magicfly Egg Candler is one of the most popular and cheapest egg candlers found on Amazon, and for that price it definitely delivers a decent product.

There are a few downsides as well. For one, the egg candler is powered by a 110V AC power supply, which means that an electric outlet must be nearby to use the device. To make matters worse, the power cord is only 4 feet long, which requires you to stay close to the outlet, or use an extension cord all the time.

Overall I would recommend the Magicfly Egg Candler (Amazon link) to anyone looking for a cheap egg candler who also has an electric outlet close to the place where he / she wants to check up on the eggs. If you are looking for a battery driven device, you might want to check out my Brinsea Egg Candler review, or the slightly cheaper Incu-Bright Cool Light Egg Candler (Amazon link).

Lastly, every so often the Magicfly Egg Candler can be found cheaper under a different product name, Such as at the time of writing the Yosoo High Intensity Egg Candler (Amazon link) and the YueYueZou Egg Candler (Amazon link).

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