Formex Snap Lock Chicken Coop Review

The Formex Snap Lock Large Chicken Coop is one of the larger coops available. It is made in the USA, unlike most of the cheap wooden coops. With so many Chinese coops on the market these days, let’s see how the Snap Lock Chicken Coop performs. We also got a comparison of the best chicken coops including this one as well.

The Snap Lock Chicken Coop

The Snap Lock Chicken Coop

Snap Lock Chicken Coop construction

The Snap Lock chicken coop can be assembled in 1 to 3 hours, and you won’t need any tools. The manual is pretty clear, and the assembly goes mostly effortless. All the parts fit together nicely. There is no need to strengthen any of the materials as sometimes is necessary for cheap wooden coops.

The best thing is that due to the sturdiness of the materials, the chances of anything breaking is very low. So if you do make a mistake during the assembly, nothing will break off. There is little more frustrating than a new coop breaking down due to a small error in assembly.

Snap Lock Chicken Coop capacity

According to the producer there fit 4 to 6 hens in the Snap Lock Chicken Coop. In reality, up to 9 large hens can fit in without any trouble. There are three 36 inch roosts which gives the chickens plenty of room to sit on.  If you have bantams, even more birds will fit. 12 to 15 bantams should work just fine.

The Snap Lock Chicken Coop roosts

The Snap Lock Chicken Coop roosts

The Snap Lock Chicken Coop does not come with a built in run. You will either need to get a run separately, or let the chickens move around freely in your backyard.

Snap Lock Chicken Coop temperature insulation

The insulation of the Snap Lock Chicken Coop is surprisingly good. Even though the coop has air vents, it stays hot even through cold weather. Most likely due to being a small coop, the chicken’s body heat will keep the coop warm. The plastic is pretty thick, and allows for very good insulation.

One of the problems plastic coops often have is that there can be condensation issues. With the Snap Lock Chicken Coop there aren’t any of such condensation issues. Most likely thanks to the air vents that supply enough fresh air to counteract the condensation.

Overall the  insulation of the Snap Lock Chicken Coop is top notch, and easily beats out all the wooden models available.

Snap Lock Chicken Coop design

The Snap Lock Chicken Coop is 64 inch long, 39 inch wide, and 42 inch high. It weighs about 65 pounds which allows you to move it around without too much hassle. The main difference between the Snap Lock and most other chicken coops is that it is made of plastic. The major upside of plastic is that it doesn’t rot. Due to this, a well taken care of plastic chicken coop may last decades. Plastic coops usually come with a few downsides, which all center around the condensation inside the coop. The Snap Lock Chicken Coop however does not seem to form any condensation. Due to this, the coop will most likely outlast all of the wooden counterparts available.

When it comes to predators the coop is very sturdy and safe. The doors can be safely locked from the outside. However, keep in mind that there is no run included. If you don’t have a special chicken run already, predators may snatch the hens away while they are walking freely in the backyard.

The biggest downside in the design comes from the manure trays. There is no mesh or anything placed over them, so when the chickens walk around inside the coop they will get manure on their feet. Depending on how often they move in and outside, they may spread the manure around in the run, or the entire backyard. If this is an issue, lock the chickens in a bit more regularly, and clean the trays often.

Key spec overview

  • Color: brown
  • Insulation: excellent
  • Capacity: 6-9 mature chickens
  • Size: 64″ X 39″ X 42″ inches
  • Weight: 65 pounds
  • Material: Plastic
  • Roosts: three 36 inch roosts
  • Nesting spots: 4


The Snap Lock Chicken Coop (Amazon link) is one of the sturdiest and most solid coops out there. With its strong build, and its resistance to water, UV light, chemicals, and impacts, it should last for decades while maintained well. The coop has a large capacity, and is predator proof. Overall it is one of the best, if not the best chicken coop for serious backyard farmers with up to 9 chickens.

The biggest downside is the lack of an included run. So if you don’t want to buy a separate run, and you don’t live in a safe environment you may want to check out my Pawhut Wooden Backyard Chicken Coop review.

If you do have up to 9 chickens and are looking for a top quality USA made coop that will last for a long, long time, check out the Snap Lock Chicken coop on Amazon!

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