Brinsea Mini Advance EX Egg Incubator Review

The Brinsea Mini Advance EX is the most expensive mini incubator you can find. It’s made by Brinsea, a high quality brand that started back in 1976. With 40 years experience on building the best incubators possible, they tend to deliver high quality products. The Mini Advance EX is supposed to be the very best mini egg incubator out there, so let’s see how good it is!

If you’re looking for a comparison of the best egg incubators┬áincluding this one, we got you covered as well.

Brinsea Mini Advance EX Egg Incubator

Brinsea Mini Advance EX capacity

The Brinsea Mini Advance EX can hold up to 7 chickens eggs at the same time. If you are putting in 7 large chicken eggs it may get a bit crowded during the lockdown phase. So I would recommend putting in at most 6 large chicken eggs. Other types of eggs fit as well. If you want to hatch quail or pheasant eggs you will be able to fit roughly 12 eggs in the incubator.

Brinsea Mini Advance EX temperature

The Brinsea Mini Advance EX has a fully automatic temperature control system. The temperature settings can be adjusted, and automatic cooling periods can be turned on. The Advance EX also includes a small automatic fan which provides some airflow within the egg incubator. The airflow helps heating the eggs more evenly, as still air can sometimes have varying temperatures within an incubator. With still air, there may be cold spots that can harm or even kill the eggs.

Brinsea Mini Advance EX humidity

Unlike all other mini incubators, the Brinsea Mini Advance EX comes with both a humidity sensor and a fully automatic humidity pump. The humidity sensor shows the current humidity, and the humidity pump will add more water to the incubator whenever necessary. The humidity pump holds up to 31 oz of water (1 liter) which should be enough for the entire incubation period.

Brinsea Mini Advance EX automation

The Brinsea Mini Advance EX is the most automated incubator available. Because the turning automatically stops during the lockdown period, and because of the external water reservoir, it should be possible to leave the Mini Advance EX for the entire incubation period. I would still recommend candling the eggs once a week to throw out bad eggs. Still, the Advance EX is by far the most automated mini egg incubator available.

Brinsea Mini Advance EX Egg Incubator 2

Brinsea Mini Advance EX power consumption

The Brinsea Mini Advance EX uses about 12 watt on average, with a peak of 18 watt. With that it is one of the more energy efficient egg incubators. Furthermore, the Advance EX uses a normal plug for electricity. Compared to the bigger incubators and the less efficient incubators, you will save about $1-3 per incubation cycle on energy costs.

Brinsea Mini Advance EX design

The design of the Mini EX is solid. The incubator allows you to have a great view of the eggs, like all the Brinsea Mini egg incubators. The Mini EX is made of ABS. ABS is a sturdy, bacteria resistant, ozone resistant, impact resistant, and chemical resistant type of hardened plastic. With that, the Mini EX is likely to keep working reliably for many years.

The included humidity pump is made of the same ABS, and feels just as sturdy as the Brinsea Mini Advance EX. It can handle moderate abuse quite well, including a drop from a few feet while empty.

Unlike the other Brinsea mini incubators two special trays are supplied that hold either 7 or 12 eggs, depending on size. You can use those to prevent the eggs from rolling around.

Key spec overview

  • Capacity: 7 large eggs such as chicken, duck, or parrot eggs. 12 quail or pheasant eggs
  • Size: 9 x 9 x 7 inch for the incubator, 6 x 5 x 6 inch for the humidity pump
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Humidity control: excellent, display shows accurate values and fully automatic
  • Temperature control: excellent, including automatic regular cooling option
  • Power consumption: 12 watt average, 18 watt peak
  • Material: robust ABS


The Brinsea Mini Advance EX is the most expensive incubator from the highest quality producer out there. Because of that, I would expect nothing less than an excellent product. The Mini EX is exactly that. With all its automation options, its sturdiness, and its reliability it is the single best mini incubator out there. It is the only mini incubator you can easily leave a week unattended, which makes it perfect for classrooms.

With that, it is a top pick for teachers and busy families, which may not be able to always check on the eggs. If you don’t have the time, or don’t want to check on the incubator regularly, the Brinsea Mini Advance EX is the incubator to buy.

If you don’t mind looking after the humidity yourself, check out my Brinsea Mini Advance egg incubator review. It is basically a Mini EX without the humidity pump and the humidity sensor. If you are looking for an egg incubator with a bit more capacity, check out my Brinsea Octagon 20 Advance review.

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