Brinsea Egg Candler Review

The Brinsea Egg Candler, also called the OvaView Egg Candler, is one of the most popular egg candlers on Amazon. The Brinsea Egg Candler is one of the more expensive egg candlers available, and made by Brinsea, one of the dominant high quality producers of poultry related products. Brinsea has been active since 1976, and have a strong focus on innovation. They promise the best quality poultry gear there is, so let’s see how good the OvaView Egg Candler is.

The Brinsea Egg Candler

Why use an egg candler?

Before we start with the main review, I’ll first iterate over why you might want to use an egg candler. Egg candlers are used to look into an egg while it is developing, as to check on the embryo. This can be useful to throw out infertile eggs, and possibly adjust the humidity if necessary. Before the invention of the modern egg candlers, eggs where usually inspected by holding a candle close to the egg. This does come with two downsides. Firstly, holding a flame close to an egg does not give enough brightness to check on embryo’s inside of darker eggs, and even in lighter eggs it may be difficult to see everything clearly. Secondly, holding a flame close to a fertile egg may harm the egg, and increase the chances of complications later on in the process. Egg candlers are specifically designed to be safe for the eggs, while also providing enough light.

Brinsea Egg Candler brightness

I couldn’t find the amount of lumen in the manual, but it suffices to say that you should not look directly into the light, especially not when turning it on. The brightness is more than enough to check not only on chicken eggs, but also larger eggs such as turkey eggs, or darker eggs like welsummers and marans. The Brinsea Egg Handler has the second brightest light of any egg handler I’ve seen so far, trumped only by its high intensity counterpart. Furthermore, the egg handler comes with two separate flexible tops of different sizes. One is made for chicken eggs and larger eggs, the other for smaller eggs such as quail eggs. Both tops fit well enough, and no light leaks out at the sides.

Brinsea Egg Candler temperature

The temperature of the Brinsea Egg Candler stays low, especially the area where the egg is placed. There is no noticeable difference in temperature when using the egg candler in short bursts (less than ten seconds).

Brinsea Egg Candler power supply

The Brinsea Egg Candler is powered by 4 AA batteries (included). Thanks to being battery based rather than power cord based like some other popular egg candlers such as, the egg candler is fully portable and can easily be used in an outside coop where there may not be any electricity. The batteries do not last very long if you keep the light on for extended duration of time, so you may want to use rechargeable batteries.

Brinsea Egg Candler design

The Brinsea Egg Candler is designed to be used both handheld and hands free. Personally I find it a bit easier to use the egg candler when it is placed on a table rather than when I’m holding it in my hands. Still, if necessary it can be used while holding it as well.

The egg candler weighs 7 ounces and is 5 by 1.5 by 3 inches. The two included flexible tops mentioned before are of decent quality. The material of the egg candler is not specified, but it feels sturdy, and works after having dropped it a few times.

Key spec overview

  • Brightness: Lumens not specified, very bright
  • Light source: LED
  • Size: 5 x 1.5 x 3 inch
  • Weight: 7 oz
  • Power source: 4 AA batteries (included)
  • Temperature: excellent, doesn’t noticeably heat up at all
  • Material: unspecified plastic, feels strong enough


The Brinsea Egg Candler is one of the most popular egg candlers for sale. However, it is also one of the most expensive egg candlers on the market. It features a solid design and a very bright light. The egg candler is powered by 4 AA batteries which make it fully portable, unlike some of the cheaper egg candlers that can be found, such as the Magicfly Egg Candler (Amazon link).

Overall I would recommend the Brinsea Egg Candler (Amazon link) if you are looking for a bright, robust, and especially portable egg candler. If you are going to use the egg candler for the darkest and biggest of eggs, you might want to try the high intensity version (Amazon link).

Lastly, if you have an electric outlet nearby where you want to check on the eggs, and are hatching light colored eggs, check out my Magicfly Egg Candler review here.

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